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Hiking trail recommended route Stage 22

High Scardus Trail Stage 22 Mountain Hut Magaro - Sveti Naum

· 2 reviews · Hiking trail · Lake Ohrid
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High Scardus Trail Organization
  • Shortly before the summit of Magaro, the breathtaking view of Lake Ohrid (left) and Lake Prespa (right) spreads out once again. The path of the lecture over the Galichica ridge can be well guessed.
    Shortly before the summit of Magaro, the breathtaking view of Lake Ohrid (left) and Lake Prespa (right) spreads out once again. The path of the lecture over the Galichica ridge can be well guessed.
    Photo: Trail Angels/ G.Mussnig, CC BY-ND, High Scardus Trail Organization
The crowning finale: first steeply uphill to the mighty Magaro peak and then steeply downhill to the Orthodox place of pilgrimage Sveti Naum on the shore of Lake Ohrid


>>>> ATTENTION: Detailled informations on how to plan your trip, safety instructions, regulations for border crossing etc. are provided by the official website <<<<

Distance 19.5 km
7:00 h
721 m
1,627 m
2,243 m
695 m
The last day on the High Scardus Trail has it all and at the same time leaves you wanting more. From the cozy Magaro Hut, the trail leads spectacularly up to the main peak of the Galichica National Park, Magaro (2255m). Here again the breathtaking panorama enchants the two natural wonders of Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa, as well as the nearby mountains of Greece. You cross the summit and follow the panoramic summit ridge for a while before descending the steep western flanks to the shore of Lake Ohrid via a well-constructed trail.  The last fading kilometers are then flat and easy on the joints to reach the final point of the route, the Orthodox pilgrimage site of Sveti Naum with its impressive monastery complex and mystical springs. A truly worthy destination for the High Scardus Trail, however the view from Magaro has sparked curiosity. And who knows, maybe one day the trail will lead further to Greece?


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High Scardus Trail 
Update: July 26, 2022
Highest point
Magaro, 2,243 m
Lowest point
Sveti Naum, 695 m
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Mountain Hut Magaro (1,602 m)
40.951575, 20.830238
40°57'05.7"N 20°49'48.9"E
34T 485712 4533395
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Sveti Naum

Turn-by-turn directions

The last stage of the High Scardus Trail starts at the idyllic Magaro Hut, which is owned by the Ohrid Mountain Rescue Service. The trail first climbs quite steeply through a mixed deciduous forest. At the tree line, the view opens up into an impressive high cirque. Here you come to a fork with two possible ascents to the Magaro peak. To the right, the path is clearly visible but sometimes steep, leading up to the northern ridge and then onto the extensive summit plateau to the highest point. Somewhat less steep and better protected from the often quite strong winds on the north ridge is the variant over the east ridge: for this, keep straight on at the junction and follow the path southwards, pass through the impressive high cirque and then climb the broad and good-natured east ridge to the summit of Magaro. Magaro is the main peak of the Galichica National Park, with an altitude of 2300m, although its neighbouring peak is a few metres higher. The summit is marked with a small stone monument and offers impressive views of Lake Ohrid, Lake Prespa and a veritable ocean of peaks that includes not only the mountains of northern Macedonia and Albania but also those of Greece. The ascent from the Magaro hut is 600 metres and takes 2 hours.

On the following, last section of the long-distance trail, the High Scardus Trail once again displays its most impressive side. You first follow a trail, sometimes more, sometimes less clearly recognisable, but regularly marked with green markings, southwards across the karst plateau towards the next higher hilltop. Once there, keep slightly to the left until you come across a clearly recognisable military path after a good 200 metres. As you continue along the path, you will pass trenches that were dug here during World War I, when French and Bulgarian troops clashed on both sides of the Salonika Front.  The military trail winds slightly to the west of the ridge ridge and thus mostly somewhat sheltered from the wind until it reaches what is actually the highest elevation of the Galichica range, a nameless peak directly on the border with Albania. However, you spare yourself this last ascent and instead head slightly downhill to the right towards a small high cirque. From here on, the path runs down the slope in dead straight serpentines as if drawn with a ruler. The panorama that is literally at your feet is breathtaking: from the mighty Tomorr in the south of Albania, over the remote Valamara massif to Shebenik and Jablanica in the northwest, the view extends, while Lake Ohrid glistens in the sun 1,500 metres below you. At an altitude of about 1,800 metres, you do not continue along the military trail leading north across the gully, but instead follow a few loose tracks down the slope, first in a southerly direction, then in a steady zigzag to the west. Your path leads you through an open piece of forest until you come across a forest path with clearly recognisable wheel tracks about 200 metres below. Follow this to the right for about a kilometre. Then keep your eyes open: A white-painted plastic bottle, placed over a slender tree stump to the right of the path, marks the spot where a path to the left leads to an open meadow with views over the southern shore of the lake. Follow the path to the blue pipes protruding from the ground belonging to the water supply of the village of Lubanishta below. Here you keep to the right and follow the path down the slope, sometimes through dense mixed forest, sometimes across open meadows in a mostly westerly direction. After a few final bends, the dense mixed forest suddenly opens up to reveal the village of Lubanishta and the lake below.

Once in the village, walk down to the main road where there is a public water tap to fill your bottle. Do not go onto the main road, but turn left before the water tap and follow the road for about 500 metres. After a short stretch of forest, the last houses of the village appear on your left. Exactly here, turn right and follow the trail tracks first across a narrow open space, then further through the mixed forest. The path winds down in a south-westerly direction to the Albanian border, where you come across an old jeep track. Keep right and then immediately left on a downhill footpath to the northwest. Cross a few cultivated fields to reach the road again, which you cross this time and follow the clear footpath to the left directly below. Passing through a few farms, you come to the circular path of the Sveti Naum monastery, which leads you past Orthodox chapels to the monastery itself and thus to the shore of Lake Ohrid. You have reached your destination.

The end point of Sveti Naum is an absolutely worthy one, as it represents one of the most famous Orthodox pilgrimage sites in the Balkans and is characterised by the spectacular location of the monastery as well as the natural wonder of the freshwater springs. There are several restaurants in Sveti Naum where you can stop for a well-deserved meal after the hike.

By road

You start in Ohrid and go to the southeastern end of the city on the road P1301 in the direction of Ljubanishta and Sveti Naum. After the village of Trpejca, located directly on Lake Ohrid, turn left onto the mountain road P504, which crosses the Galichica Mountains over a pass and ends at Lake Prespa. At the top of the pass, a path branches off to the right and after 300 m you will reach the Mountain Hut Magaro and the start of this stage.


Parking at a suitable place at the mountain pass.


















40.951575, 20.830238
40°57'05.7"N 20°49'48.9"E
34T 485712 4533395
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  • Backpack approx. 30-40 liters with hip belt
  • Rain cover for the backpack
  • Telescopic poles


  • Trekking shoes at least category B (preferably ankle-high for the pathless passages)
  • Flipflops or similar for the accommodations
  • 2 pairs of hiking socks
  • underwear
  • hiking pants softshell or similar (wind- and water-repellent - the High Scardus Trail runs through alpine regions)
  • Hiking pants spare (also for accommodation)
  • Shorts
  • T-shirt quick drying
  • T-shirt fast drying spare (quantity depending on the length of the tour)
  • Top long first layer (e.g. Transtex-Sleeve) + replacement
  • Top long second layer (e.g. sleeve made of fleece or merino wool) + replacement
  • Softshell jacket or similar
  • Clothing for accommodation
  • rain jacket (hardshell jacket waterproof and breathable)
  • umbrella if necessary
  • Rain pants (hardshell pants waterproof and breathable)
  • Sun protection for the head (sun hat or cap)
  • Hat (can get cold even in summer!)

Hygiene/medication/personal items

  • small travel towel
  • personal hygiene items personal medicines (important medicines in addition to personal medicines are e.g. Imodium, charcoal tablets, Bepanthen and a painkiller like Ibuprofen or Parkemed)
  • Blister plaster
  • Pocket knife, small scissors
  • Sunglasses (tight-fitting with 100% UV protection and tint category 3)
  • Sunscreen (SPF at least 30, water/sweat resistant, broad spectrum protection, not older than 1 year)
  • Lip protection (SPF at least 20)
  • Outdoor first aid kitpossibly spare glasses
  • small LED headlamp
  • bivy sack (at least a very light one)
  • Handkerchiefspassport + copycredit card/cash (at many accommodations you can only pay with cash)
  • Border Crossing Permit
  • Small dictionaries


  • Travel documents printout
  • Orientation App (e.g. Outdooractive with Pro-Account, so you can save the map sections offline)
  • if necessary additional GPS-device
  • Cell phone (smartphone for orientation app) + charger
  • Powerbank for cell phone (not all accommodations have sockets)
  • if necessary power socket adapter

Food and drinks

  • Drinking bottles (depending on temperature and personal drinking needs 1,5-3 liters; the sources are shown in the map)
  • Food for the day (the respective shopping possibilities can be seen in the map)

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Sophie Grandclaude
September 14, 2022 · Community
Dernière journée! L'ascension au Magaro est assez simple, bien balisée! Ensuite la trace GPS et la trace "papier" ne sont pas identiques... NOus avons suivi la trace papier avec l'explication du parcours... au début suivre les traces vertes ca allait, ensuite trouver le chemin en "serpentin" ok... mais ensuite ce chemin nous lâche et nous nous retrouvons perdus dans la redescente assez raide.... Nous suivons notre instinct et retrouvons un chemin qui nous conduit sur un plus gros... Après un beau détour, nous retrouvons des balisages, le chemin H11 et la routes vers le monastère. Le personnel au monastère est hyper sympa, les chambres correctes. Très belle vue au petit déj sur le lac pour finir en beauté ce magnifique trek!
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When did you do this route? September 02, 2022
Rüdiger Mertz 
August 23, 2022 · Community
ACHTUNG: AUCH HIER GIBT ES BIS LUBANISTA KEINEN TROPFEN WASSER!!! s. meinen Kommentar zum vorigen Tag. Ansonsten: Ein grandioses Finale. Alles was den Trail ausmacht, findet sich hier noch mal. Es geht sehr steil rauf, der Weg ist aber vergleichsweise gut. Oben auf dem überraschend weitläufige Gipfelplateau gibt es wunderbare Blicke. Der Abstieg über die steile Grasflanke ist ein bisschen furchteinflössend. Es geht 1000 Höhenmeter in der Falllinie bergab. Wenn ihr das Wäldchen erreicht, verschwindet mal wieder der Weg, eine ganz kurze Passage ist auch bisschen überwachsen, aber insgesamt ist es besser machbar als es von oben aussieht. Der weitere Verlauf des Wegs ist dann mal so, mal so. Wir haben als nervig empfunden, dass kurz vor Lubanista der Weg noch mal echt schlecht wird und wir noch mal rumsuchen mussten. In Lubanista gibt es nen Laden und auch nen sehr großen, aber bisschen schmuddeligen Zeltplatz. Das Hotel im Kloster Sveti Naum ist großartig. Das Kloster ist im Sommer insbesondere am Nachmittag ein touristischer Hot-Spot mit vielen Besuchern, aber wirklich sehr schön. Vom Kloster fährt ca. 5 Mal am Tag ein Bus zurück nach Ohrid (ca. 1 Stunde).
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19.5 km
7:00 h
721 m
1,627 m
Highest point
2,243 m
Lowest point
695 m
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