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Hiking trail recommended route Stage 6

High Scardus Trail Stage 06 Kobilica Hut/ Vejce - Veshala

· 3 reviews · Hiking trail · Tetovo
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High Scardus Trail Organization
  • High Scardus Trail Stage 06 Vejce Hut - Veshala/Bozovce: Looking back at the distance passed.
    High Scardus Trail Stage 06 Vejce Hut - Veshala/Bozovce: Looking back at the distance passed.
    Photo: Matthew Nelson, CC BY-ND, High Scardus Trail Organization
High above the North Macedonian mountain villages of Vejce, Veshala and Bozovce through the Sharr Mountains - a wonderfully scenic stage!


>>>> ATTENTION: Detailled informations on how to plan your trip, safety instructions, regulations for border crossing etc. are provided by the official website <<<<

Distance 19.2 km
7:00 h
712 m
1,106 m
2,191 m
1,226 m
Breakfast on the panoramic terrace of the Kobilica hut gives you a foretaste of the view you will have today: deep below you in the valley the villages of Vejce, Veshala and Bozovce and opposite on the other side of the valley the mighty Titov Peak - the highest peak of the Sharr Mountains - you first hike along the flanks below the peaks Kobilica, Treskavec and Vrtop to the very wide Upper and Lower Sharr Pass. On the last part of the route you will find yourself on an ancient trade route - and if you look closely you can still see the remains of a route for horse-drawn vehicles, which was never completed. Now you do a lap of honor to the lonely mountain lake Karanikolichko Ezero, which is embedded in the eastern flank of Skarpa, before you hike through a valley - first over meadows and then over an alpine road down to Veshala.


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High Scardus Trail 
Update: May 23, 2023
Highest point
2,191 m
Lowest point
1,226 m
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Safety information

Attention: The stage is currently not well marked in some places, which in combination with difficult to see sections of the trail and little detailed maps can lead to serious orientation problems in some places. Currently we strongly recommend to hike the trail only with a local guide. If you still want to hike on your own, great experience with GPS devices or the use of map apps (incl. the possibility of offline map storage; Outdooractive app recommended) is necessary!


Note: There are 2 possibilities to shorten the stage (this will be necessary especially if you stayed in Vejce instead of Kobilica hut)::

  1. About 30 min before reaching the Upper Sharr Pass (about where you see the village of Veshala deep below you), a marked trail leads directly down to Veshala.
  2. At the crossroads at the Lower Sharr Pass, do not go straight towards the lake, but take the path on the left down into the valley. There you will meet the original High Scardus Trail again, which does the loop over the lake (time saving about 45 min).


Kobilica Hut (or Vejce) (1,637 m)
42.089817, 20.905943
42°05'23.3"N 20°54'21.4"E
34T 492221 4659752
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Veshala or Bozovce (depending on the overnight stay)

Turn-by-turn directions

[If you start in Vejce and not at the Kobilica hut, you will find a short description of the way to the hut in the section "How to get there"].

The first 15 minutes of this stage are identical to the previous stage from Gornje Lubinje: you walk from the hut along the road eastwards for 50 m and there turn left onto the path that leads along the pasture up past a walled-in overhanging rock. Shortly after (but still before a fountain) you leave the path of the previous stage and turn left onto an indistinct marked trail that takes you ever so slightly up the slopes below the summit of Kobilica until you reach a little distinctive saddle with a fountain.

The start from the saddle is not easy to find, since there are some paths: You climb slightly downhill for a short while and then choose a climb that crosses the slope to the right below rocks until you reach another ridge. On the other side you continue on a path through a valley and on the other side of the valley you must not miss to leave the obvious path: You now climb without a path keeping left through meadows slightly uphill to a pronounced crest, where you again meet a path. At this point, the first shortcut branches off directly down to Veshala, which lies deep below you - but you follow the more pronounced trail uphill to the right. It soon becomes a marked track and you are now on an ancient trade route between Prizren and Tetovo - there was even an attempt in the 1920s to make the path passable for horse-drawn vehicles, but this was never completed and is now completely overgrown again. You follow this route (or what is still visible of it) always slightly ascending or later on the same level crossing the increasingly flatter slopes to the west until you reach the Upper Sharr Pass.

Upper and Lower Sharr Pass together form an extremely wide grassy saddle on the border between Kosovo and North Macedonia. From the Upper Sharr Pass you don't hike down into Kosovo, but directly on the border over the wide grassy ridge to the Lower Sharr Pass. Here you meet again a path: by taking the path down to the left you could shorten the next part of the High Scardus Trail across the lake and meet again the original route in the valley further down. However, you simply cross the trail and follow the tracks straight ahead. After a short ascent you will reach a small valley, over which you - always heading for the summit of Skarpa - reach the beautiful remote mountain lake Karanikolichko Ezero.

Now, on the left (eastern) bank, go up the embankment for 5 m: here the paths to Veshala and Bozovce separate. Follow the little marked path to the left through a kind of valley down towards Veshala. After a short time you will reach an impressive natural rock bridge and a few minutes below you must not miss a turnoff through the meadows to the left (you ignore a path that continues along the right side of the valley). You cross more or less pathlessly the meadow slopes downhill to the left until you meet the path (mentioned shortcut) that leads down from the Lower Sharr Pass. Follow this trail on the left side of the valley until it widens at a small alpine pasture to a mountain road. Follow this alpine road down to the village of Veshala - the official end point of the stage is on the left at the entrance road to Tetovo.

By road

Access by car to Vejce: From the center of Tetovo follow a small mountain road to the mountain village of Seltse and continue along the small road to Vejce.

Access by car to Kobilica Hut is only possible with an extremely robust off-road vehicle and is not recommended.

By foot: You walk from the hiking sign at the lower end of the village Vejce through the village to the upper end. Here begins a very steep and dusty road (or foot sidetrack) that goes up the slope to the northwest until you reach the hut. In the middle you choose the left path, both paths reunite further up. Time required: 1 hr. 30 min (ascent 500 hm).


Limited parking at the lower end of the village of Vejce.


42.089817, 20.905943
42°05'23.3"N 20°54'21.4"E
34T 492221 4659752
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Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


  • Backpack approx. 30-40 liters with hip belt
  • Rain cover for the backpack
  • Telescopic poles


  • Trekking shoes at least category B (preferably ankle-high for the pathless passages)
  • Flipflops or similar for the accommodations
  • 2 pairs of hiking socks
  • underwear
  • hiking pants softshell or similar (wind- and water-repellent - the High Scardus Trail runs through alpine regions)
  • Hiking pants spare (also for accommodation)
  • Shorts
  • T-shirt quick drying
  • T-shirt fast drying spare (quantity depending on the length of the tour)
  • Top long first layer (e.g. Transtex-Sleeve) + replacement
  • Top long second layer (e.g. sleeve made of fleece or merino wool) + replacement
  • Softshell jacket or similar
  • Clothing for accommodation
  • rain jacket (hardshell jacket waterproof and breathable)
  • umbrella if necessary
  • Rain pants (hardshell pants waterproof and breathable)
  • Sun protection for the head (sun hat or cap)
  • Hat (can get cold even in summer!)

Hygiene/medication/personal items

  • small travel towel
  • personal hygiene items personal medicines (important medicines in addition to personal medicines are e.g. Imodium, charcoal tablets, Bepanthen and a painkiller like Ibuprofen or Parkemed)
  • Blister plaster
  • Pocket knife, small scissors
  • Sunglasses (tight-fitting with 100% UV protection and tint category 3)
  • Sunscreen (SPF at least 30, water/sweat resistant, broad spectrum protection, not older than 1 year)
  • Lip protection (SPF at least 20)
  • Outdoor first aid kitpossibly spare glasses
  • small LED headlamp
  • bivy sack (at least a very light one)
  • Handkerchiefspassport + copycredit card/cash (at many accommodations you can only pay with cash)
  • Border Crossing Permit
  • Small dictionaries


  • Travel documents printout
  • Orientation App (e.g. Outdooractive with Pro-Account, so you can save the map sections offline)
  • if necessary additional GPS-device
  • Cell phone (smartphone for orientation app) + charger
  • Powerbank for cell phone (not all accommodations have sockets)
  • if necessary power socket adapter

Food and drinks

  • Drinking bottles (depending on temperature and personal drinking needs 1,5-3 liters; the sources are shown in the map)
  • Food for the day (the respective shopping possibilities can be seen in the map)

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Sophie Grandclaude
September 14, 2022 · Community
Attention au balisage... Il n'y a pas de balisage GPS entre la Hut et la fontaine. Nous avons réussi à retrouver le chemin en grimpant au niveau de la dernière fontaine vue la veille. Ensuite entre la 2ème fontaine et le lac, la trace GPS nous a conduit sur les crêtes... alors que le tracé "papier" restait plus bas. On a suivi le tracé GPS qui nous a fait grimper puis nous conduisait dans une falaise... Nous avons réussi à longer les crêtes pour retrouver ensuite le bon chemin... Un peu sportif! A Veshala, compliqué de trouver un hébergement. Nous avons poursuivi jusqu'à Bozovce où il y a un bar, une toute petite épicerie et la Guest House. Nous avons trouvé une personne qui connaissait le propriétaire et qui l'a appelé. Il est venu 1h après et nous avons dormi dans ce gite tout nouveau... et par encore complètement terminé.
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When did you do this route? August 19, 2022
Rüdiger Mertz 
August 22, 2022 · Community
Sehr schöner Tag. Eine weglose Passage ist wieder bisschen anstrengend, aber ab etwa der Hälfte des Tages gibt es wunderbar wanderbare Wege mit traumhaften Ausblicken. Auch der Abstieg geht auf gutem Weg. In Veshala und Bozovce gab es Läden. Wir haben etwa zwei Kilometer hinter Bozovce gezeltet.
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Sebastian Adamski
August 16, 2022 · Community
Very beautiful, panoramic stage, walking for a long time at an altitude of 1900 - 2100 meters over the Sharr Mountains. Before descending be sure to pause at the lake!
Show more
When did you do this route? July 13, 2022

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19.2 km
7:00 h
712 m
1,106 m
Highest point
2,191 m
Lowest point
1,226 m
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