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High Scardus Trail Stage 02 Mountain Hut Ljuboten - Brezovica: stage destination Brezovica.

Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Philisophy

Vision / Mission / Philosophy


„Sustainable Tourism for regional Development“

We are deeply convinced that a balanced and sustainable tourism, steered by inspired people from the region, can make an important contribution to a positive regional development of the rural mountain regions in the Western Balkans. The High Scardus Trail should be an impressive flagship for this!


Sustainable tourism is for us one of the keys for a positive development of the transnational High Scardus region. In order to fulfill this mission, the project team (the many local stakeholders and experts as well as GIZ and Trail Angels) will live the following philosophy "stronger together" based on these values:

- Self-reliant: the people in the region take responsibility for the High Scardus Trail, its maintenance and preservation, its management and its further development.

- Sustainable: The High Scardus Trail pursues a balanced sustainable strategy, ecologically, socially and economically.

- Transparent & fair: the business model for the High Scardus Trail is designed to be transparent and fair for all stakeholders in the region

- Participative and inclusive: We strive to involve as many partners as possible in the business model and to include groups that were previously excluded from the benefits of such projects.

Sustainable Tourism is the key!
Sustainable Tourism is the key!
Self relient, sustainable, transparent & fair, participative & inclusive - these are the four pillars of our philosophy for the High Scardus Trail Photo: G.Mussnig/Trail Angels, CC BY-ND
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