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Alpine meadows in the ascent of Mount Korab

Other Activities

The mountains through which the High Scardus Trail passes are not only wonderful for hiking and trekking. You can do a lot of other outdoor activities in the High Scardus region. You can easily fill a week or two of your vacation with the following activities:

Ski touring

Especially the Sharr Mountains between Brezovica and Brod (on the Kosovar as well as on the North Macedonian side) offer an abundance of ski touring opportunities between January and March/April and with Popova Shapka, Brezovica and Brod even three small ski resorts. But also in the Jablanica and Galichica mountains are great ski tours possible. 

Quality-tested offers for ski touring trips will be published here shortly.

Snowshoe hiking

Where good ski touring is possible, it is usually also good for snowshoeing. Especially the wide areas around Brod and Restelice and the Galichica mountains are perfect for this, but there are also many other possibilities for snowshoeing. 

Quality-tested offers for snowshoe tours will be published here shortly.


Mountain biking is an activity that has become increasingly popular among locals in Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo in recent years. A myriad of lonely single trails and sometimes very rough alpine roads in combination with culture, originality and hospitality of the Western Balkans are the basis for an unforgettable vacation. No matter if you plan a crossing of several days or do day tours. 

Quality-tested offers for mountain bike tours will be published here shortly.


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