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The imposing Sharri Dogs, the true guardians of the mountain pastures in the Korab Mountains


Frequently Asked Questions
The High Scardus Trail is a technically moderate alpine long-distance trail, which, however, leads over longer sections on very narrow paths or even pathless and, in its current state, places high demands on orientation skills. You can find more on this topic here.
The High Scardus Trail, with pure walking times of up to 8 hours per stage, places high demands on fitness (most stages are between 5 and 7 hours long). You can find more on the subject here.
If you do not cross the border between North Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania at an official border crossing (i.e. via the "green border"), you need a permit. You can find more information here.
Of course you can hike the High Scardus Trail also in the other direction (i.e. from south to north). However, please note that the route descriptions are only available in the main direction from north to south.

Unfortunately, no - bringing a dog is not recommended at all on the High Scardus Trail. The mountain world of the Western Balkans is also the world of large flocks of sheep. Due to a relatively healthy wolf and bear population, herd protection has traditionally been of great importance in the Western Balkans. This means that the flocks of sheep are protected by shepherd dogs (e.g. the imposing Sharri Dog). These shepherd dogs are very well trained, but do not tolerate other dogs in the vicinity.


There are no restrictions in the three countries, which means that you can ride all the trails even with a mountain bike. However, the main route of the High Scardus Trail was developed from the point of view of a hiker and not from the point of view of a mountain biker. Especially in the northern part of the route, many sections of the main route are simply not suitable for mountain biking (due to overgrowth and the width of the paths, you are constantly stuck with the pedal). However, the locals know enough perfect mountain bike trails in the region - so we recommend booking a mountain bike trip with a local tour operator specializing in the subject.

There are two possibilities:

  • You look for the accommodations on the website of the High Scardus Trail under the menu "Accommodations" and book them yourself (Note: Booking in English usually only possible in hotels, guesthouse owners often do not speak English). You will also find the accommodations as POI on the maps for the individual stages.
  • From the season 2023 it is possible to book guided trekking tours via the High Scardus Trail booking center, where the accommodations are of course included.

Camping along the High Scardus Trail is generally allowed in Kosovo and Albania. In Albania it is also allowed outside the National Parks, but not directly in the National Parks. But if you contact the info centers or the tourism sector (by e-mail), camping is usually allowed - especially if the park entrance fee is paid (generally it is possible to pay electronically).

General advice:

  • However, legal requirements and even more so common sense demand that you leave the campground as you found it. In the spirit of the slogan "Leave no trace".
  • Important: Making fire is an absolute NoGo - especially after a dry summer the danger of a forest fire is much too high.
  • If there are shepherds in sight of the campsite, it should be a matter of course to ask them for permission - the probability that you will be invited for tea is much higher than that you are not allowed to camp.

Tourism is just starting in many places in the High Scardus region - one of the reasons why the long-distance trail is so attractive. However, this also means that it is currently difficult for self-organized trekkers to organize from home.

Never mind: starting with the 2023 season, you can book guided trekking trips through the official High Scardus Trail Info and Booking Center anchored here. These trips include accommodations, shuttles, luggage transfers, and border permits, as well as a local English-speaking guide who meets the legal requirements of each country.

As soon as the infrastructure (marking of the trails) allows it, non-guided individual trekking tours will also be included in the program.

For those who want to hike the High Scardus Trail already in the 2022 season (which we can absolutely understand), we offer an Explorer Tour from September 07 to 17, 2022.

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