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Explorer Tour High Scardus Trail

A landscape like in Mongolia on the way to Torbeshki Most
Explorer Tours are special designed exploratory trips that open up a unique experience with profound insights into the myths and challenges of the hiked region and invite you to actively participate. 

What is an Explorer Tour?

The "Explorer Tours" travel format was developed to explore new Fair Trails® or (as with this one) to test future Fair Trails® offerings ( Explorer tours are thus very special exploratory trips that open up a unique experience with profound insights into the centuries-old traditions and challenges of the region and invite you to actively participate. Your inspiration and creativity are needed for the product development, the integration of impact projects as well as for travel reports.

Experienced trekkers with a spirit of discovery, tolerance, patience and a sense of humor are needed for this Explorer Tour, as the unexpected is the rule rather than the exception in areas that are little developed for tourism. Team spirit is very important! Because an inspired and cool team with great cohesion will have great fun together on this Explorer Tour. And to lay the foundation for a sustainable future for the people in the border mountains between North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.


What can I expect?

The actual core of your trip consists of course of hiking 5 very varied stages of the High Scardus Trail including overnight stays in very varied accommodations partly far away from tourism. This is rounded off by visiting the two highly interesting historic old towns of Prizren and Ohrid - the latter is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Besides that, however, you will be confronted with a theme at every turn: namely, life in the remote mountainous regions of the Western Balkans. This is, after all, the specialty of the High Scardus Trail - because it was born with the main goal of making life easier in this peripheral region by providing additional sustainable sources of income and thus preventing migration to the cities. You'll have a front row seat, so to speak, to learn all about the hard but exciting life: You'll spend the night, for example, in lodgings that were among the pioneers of mountain tourism. In huts that opened their doors only this year with a lot of enthusiasm and belief in a glorious future of mountain tourism. Learn stories from shepherds who have always spent the mountain summer in the mountains and know exactly and have always been confronted with the issue of wolves and bears. You will be guided by guides who have been involved in the development of the High Scardus Trail from the beginning, and you will be able to discuss with experts who are experts in the field of rural development.

In short: As multifaceted life, landscape and culture are in the three-country region around the High Scardus Trail, as varied is your Explorer Tour on the High Scardus Trail. Not only for the body, but also for the mind!

Photo: Matthew Nelson, CC BY-ND


Day 01 | 15.06.2023 | Arrival Prishtina (KOS), drive to Gornje Lubinje

Day 02 | 16.06.2023 | Stage 5 Gornje Lubinje - Vejce Hut (MKD)

Day 03 | 17.06.2023 | Stage 6 Vejce Hut - Veshala

Day 04 | 18.06.2023 | Stage 7 Veshala - Brod (KOS). Drive to Prizren.

Day 05 | 19.06.2023 | morning city tour Prizren. Afternoon drive from Prizren to Rabdisht (ALB).

Day 06 | 20.06.2023 | Stage 13 Rabdisht - Stanet e Hinoskes

Day 07 | 21.06.2023 | Stage 14 Stanet e Hinoskes - Bitushe (MKD; overnight at Sveti Bigorski)

Day 08 | 22.06.2023 | In the morning shuttle to Ohrid - afternoon sightseeing Ohrid. In the evening shuttle to Velestovo

Day 09 | 23.06.2023 | Stage 21 Velestovo - Mountain Hut Spiridon

Day 10 | 24.06.2023 | Stage 22 Mountain Hut Spiridon - Sveti Naum. Boat transfer to Ohrid

Day 11 | 25.06.2023 | Shuttle to Prishtina (KOS). Departure

Hard Facts

Date: 15. - 25. Juni 2023

Price will be announced soon 


This is an "Explorer Tour Nice Price" (cost price without commission); € 60,- per person will be donated to the High Scardus Trail Organization for trail maintenance - so that the trail comes a little closer to its goal of promoting sustainable tourism for the benefit of the locals.


The costs include:

  • Overnight stay in double or shared room in selected guesthouses/hotels or shelters
  • Full board
  • All mobility services from Prishtina airport
  • Guiding by state certified mountain and ski guides and accompaniment by local guides
  • Luggage transport (max. 15kg/person) during trekking
  • Sightseeing tours in the historical cities of Prizren and Ohrid
  • All necessary permits
  • Impact fee for the further development of the High Scardus Trail (maintenance)
  • Immersion in the topic "Life in the Peripheral Mountain Regions of the Western Balkans"
  • CO2 flight compensation with our partner Atmosfair® (based on economy)
  • Expert advice during travel preparation


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