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Now you're almost finished: the mountain village of Radomirë with its striking double-towered mosque

About our Project


The first ideas, the huge mountain ridge that runs parallel to the Mediterranean coast from the Sharri Mountains in the north to the Galicica Mountains in the south, already dates back to 2016.


This initiative was taken up by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and developed into the High Scardus Trail in its current form in 2017. Since then, the various steps to build or improve the trail infrastructure have been implemented step by step by local experts with the support of GIZ.


In 2020, a business partnership was then concluded between GIZ and Trail Angels GmbH, an Austrian company specializing in the development and management of sustainable tourism. The goal of the partnership "High Scardus Trail 2.0" is the further development of the High Scardus Trail into an individually bookable long-distance hiking trail and, in connection with this, the establishment of a regional trail information and booking center.


In 2022, the market-leading specialist for digital outdoor tourism, Outdooractive, entered into another business partnership with GIZ, using its expertise to support the digitization of a wide variety of outdoor routes in the region.
High Scardus Trail Stakeholder Workshop
High Scardus Trail Stakeholder Workshop
Together with the great team of Outdooractive in Prizren Photo: Simon Reuter, CC BY-ND, Outdooractive
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