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The High Scardus Trail Overview Route


High Scardus Trail Overview

May 07, 2023 · Community
Est-ce que c'est envisageable de commencer le trail à partir du 20-22 mai cette année ?

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Dear Laetitia, In principle, it was a mild winter, but it showed its teeth in April. In other words, the snow conditions will probably be average. That means you will certainly find some (also steep) snowfields middle/end of Mai . All snowfields usually disappear until mid-June. The most critical stages in terms of snow conditions are: Stage 2 Mountain Hut Ljuboten - Brezovica Stage 3 Brezovica - Prevalla Stage 8 Brod - Radika Stage 10 Strezimir - Radomire On these stages the terrain is either quite steep or the stage goes up high. So crampons are a must End of May, possibly even a light ice axe. Do you want to walk the whole trail? Then it might be an idea to bring stages 16 to 22 forward. This stage is almost certain to go well by the end of May. For orientation two webcams of the area: (for Galichica) Have fun!
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