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High Scardus Trail Official

The official Website of the High Scardus Trail

Discover the Soul of the Balkan Mountains!
Long distance hiking Trail covering Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia. 


The Trail

The Route

20 daily stages (excluding two bridging routes distances) are waiting to be discovered and hiked. Browse through our detailed and helpful stage descriptions, which have set a new standard in the Western Balkans:

Explorer Tour High Scardus Trail

The best way to discover a brand-new long-distance hiking trail! Explorer Tours are specially designed exploratory trips that open up a unique experience with profound insights into the myths and challenges of the hiked region and invite you to actively participate. Your inspiration and creativity are welcomed for the final design of the hiking trail: to optimize experience design, and the implementation of local impact projects as well as contributing travel reports.

If you want to know more about the Explorer Tour High Scardus Trail klick here 

Photo: Matthew Nelson, CC BY-ND, High Scardus Trail Organization

Mission/ Vision

„Sustainable Tourism for regional Development“

We are deeply convinced that a balanced and sustainable tourism, steered by inspired people from the region, can make an important contribution to a positive regional development of the rural mountain regions in the Western Balkans. The High Scardus Trail should be an impressive flagship for this!


High Scardus Trail Video - English version
Video: GIZ North Macedonia